What are we offering? 

We are offering workshops for BA and MA students who are in the beginning stages of creating their own theatre practice as individuals or in groups. Our workshops are rooted in the methods and techniques we use to create original performance and are made up of carefully selected games and exercises exploring the following: 

  • Techniques for new writing  
  • Creating original physical movement and choreography  
  • Combining movement and text 
  • Working from autobiographical material 
  • Editing and improving created work 
  • Developing quality of peer feedback 
  • Use of movement and props 
  • Thematic exploration
  • Individual and small ensemble work  
  • Interrogating audience-performer relationship
  • Documentation 

We are also offering workshops for Key Stage 4 and A level groups. In addition to the above, we can tailor our workshops to your school's exam board/course and include the following: 

  • Creating and performing devised theatre from a variety of stimuli  
  • Set text work including exploring plot, themes, characterisation 
  • Improvisation 


To book a workshop or for more information please email: