A riff on Disaster: when it ALL goes wrong… ish

So, we have been beset by a minor calamity that feels like a catastrophe. Our plans, that have been some months in the making, have collapsed in on themselves with an alarming crash.

The whole thing has become somewhat of a debacle. There is a feeling of defeat in the air, and a state of emergency has been called.

Is this our failure that has led to this fiasco? A flood following a fire, that caused no bodily harm but an enormous hazard.

Holocaust (the word) is in the list, but too tender to use.

A mishap has become a setback. A not quite tragedy, or tale of woe, where we combat adversity and stave off this affliction before we bale out.

Are we the bane of our tutor’s lives? Have we become a blight on the end of the term?

This is a blow, a bust.

Our dignity sits in casualty, showing the wounds of this cataclysm. A collision of worlds creating a depression in our bid for success.


Will we fall at this final hurdle? Did we flop before we even flipped?

The grief that this misadventure causes is like a splinter under the skin. Not mischance enough to be misfortune, but difficult enough not to reverse.

We rock the boat and hope it will not capsize in these rough waters. We hope our ruin does not become ruination as we slip from anxious conversation to anxious dreams.

At the clock stroke we will have an answer to our undoing.

There will be upset.

This has been a washout due to an act of God (or a careless person).

It was bad luck; simply a matter of bad news.

At each fell stroke we fell on hard luck, and into hot water.

It has been a matter of ill luck. The worst.

But we keep going.



Synonyms for ‘disaster’ provided by http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/disaster 

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