Blogs I could have written, were I not busy over-thinking each of them.

‘The only thing I can think of that is potentially more self-indulgent and wanky than making auto-biographical performance is writing a 1st person blog post in response to your own auto-biographical performance.’

‘Learning when to say “no thank you” and “fuck no” during creative projects.’

‘In conversation with Nina, my cat: A Collection Of Excerpts.’

‘Sorting out “The Game” – featuring sparkly party hats and subtle references to the social politics of dinner parties.’

‘How to think when the unthinkable happens – venue crises (sung to the tune of Muse’s “Time Is Running Out”.’

‘SIP-ception: from feedback on feedback to prop lists on to-do lists.’

‘Theses & Anti-theses: forcing more existential questions out of the head and into the world.’

‘It’s not always about me. It is sometimes about me. And that is valid and OK and cool.’

‘RISK! Give it to me baby! (But why though?)’

‘WE HAVE A SHOW! JULIAN LIKED IT! What could possibly go wrong?’

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